Skógafoss is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland and it holds a special place in my heart. It was the first waterfall I ever visited abroad when I started my photography journey back in 2017. We returned in 2021 with Olympus sponsoring us and we captured some absolutely stunning scenes. 


This particular scene at Skógafoss was complete chance. We'd already visited the previous day and we were just driving by when Stevie shouted that he saw the most amazing rainbow underneath the mighty waterfall. 


We rallied the car into the car park and Ben stayed put as Stevie and I sprinted towards the waterfall, cameras in hand to get the shot. 


I only had my film camera with me and I managed to get this. I absolutely love it and I hope you do too.


*This is a unique limited edition print run of this photo. They are printed in A3 on Fuji Art Paper. All purchases will be signed by myself and numbered 1 through 10 depending on which number you snagged. 


This print will never be re-released. I plan on running limited editon print runs for a few of my Iceland Collection and this iteration will have ten released prints and no more.

Skógafoss on Film - *Limited Edition Print*