My name is Chris, I’m 26 and I’ve been a freelance photographer for four years now which is pretty crazy when I think about how I ended up at this stage in my life. 


It’s been a pretty wild ride in all honesty and I’m excited to share my journey with you!


I first picked up a camera on Christmas Day 2017 after mum and dad had both asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I remember not really knowing so I just threw the word camera out there. I’ve always loved the great outdoors and living in the Peak District pushed that narrative more and more so I thought “well a camera can’t hurt”.


After taking it outside for a few months, buying some cheap lenses and snapping away on ‘auto’, I ended up getting somewhat of a dream job working in Spain as the lead photographer for a football club in Malaga.


It was out there that I really got to grips with my camera and it was also the first time I’d ever really photographed people.

I worked in Spain for two incredible years before moving back to Leeds where I landed a job with a travel company as their travel photographer.

CHris Arrow6.png
playing football in Kenya
CHris Arrow2.png
getting pro with photography in Japan
CHris Arrow6.png
doing it for the 'gram in Spain

Cue COVID. Travel got made illegal and therefore I lost my job because surprisingly enough, travel photography didn’t qualify for Key Worker status.


So I veered off once again and delved into portraiture, couples and wedding photography and to be frank, I haven’t looked back. Mountains may look nice, but they can’t laugh and embarrass themselves.


Landscapes will always be a passion of mine but people are unique, interesting and unpredictable which is why working with them is so much fun.

CHris Arrow9.png
camping in Scotland