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Hey! I’m Chris, I’m a 27 year old photographer from Leeds who focuses on both digital and film formats.


I’ve been a photographer for around five years now and in that time I’ve photographed sports, cars, landscapes, travel and now I can add weddings to that list!


Working with people has always been something I’ve adored and to move from photographing travel to weddings just seemed like the natural progression. 


My girlfriend, Freya, is also a wedding photographer and she’s helped me out to no-end to help me find my feet in this new wonderful world. The first wedding I ever shot was alongside her and I was paid in pizza and from then on, I have been obsessed with photographing wedding days.


Photography will forever be a passion of mine, whether it’s lugging cameras around Scotland, hiking up mountains to take in the scenery or taking ALL the photos of your day.


Recently, I’ve taken up a new medium of photography in film and I am genuinely obsessed. The only film development store in Leeds know me by name and the guys at West Yorkshire Cameras have limited my visits to once a week. 


It’s something I always knew I’d enjoy but never something I thought I’d love as much as I do. I’m really excited to start shooting more film and introducing it into your wedding photos.

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