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austria - late march '24

Late March. Last month to some; depending on when you're reading this little recap. Picture the scene, myself and my partner Freya flew out to Austria to photograph a wedding in the Austrian Alps, a place known to few called Maria Alm. A ski resort with mountains engulfing the small skiing village located about an hour from Salzburg airport. 

If you didn't already know, which would be tricky if you follow me over on the gram because I bang on about it 70% of the time, I used to be a full time travel photographer so any chance to hit the mountains is a yes from me. 

Frey has definitely become more accustom to the weird, last minute "holy shit let's go do this" energy of which I am absolutely made up of so when the opportunity of mountains, skiing, weddings and good vibes hit my inbox you best BELIEVE I was on that for us to head to Europe and see what was going down. 

Becki & Will got married at the most insane Apres Ski bar called Tom Alm Hutte which lead us into the alps for their portraits and honestly, for me, that's a bucket list moment in this world of weddings. If this wasn't enough though, they donned the suit & dress a couple days later and we all hit the slopes to well and truly complete the dream scenario.

In and around the wedding & skiing, Freya and myself took it upon ourselves to hit the mountains an photograph the beauty of Austria all on film which you can see a little bit more of over on my travel & film instagram account @grainyboi_ if you're that way inclined!

I'll also embed the YouTube video I created about the landscape side of Austria with the wedding YouTube video inbound soon!

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